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YouTube SEO: Ways to get videos on the 1st page of YouTube

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YouTube SEO

Youtube Seo to optimise Videos

Getting video ranked on youtube and search engines. learn about YouTube SEO strategies. Step by step the flow of YouTube SEO etc.

We all know that world’s 2nd largest search engine after Google is YouTube. Daily thousands of hours of videos are uploaded. But only a few people with smart SEO strategies get ranked on YouTube. You can also make money with your YouTube videos. If you are from India then making 1 thousand dollars can give you up to 66000-67000 rupees depending upon the rate of rupees against a dollar. Just imagine how your video can earn money for you. Now a day, Peoples from different countries had become a millionaire by their youtube videos. eg. Jordan Maron who had purchased his home with youtube money. Lots of them are making money through it. You can google it.

But today we will see the step by step how to make SEO strategies for your YouTube videos. Before starting it, we should have the YouTube channel which contains all the information about the channel and blog or website. Don’t have YouTube channel then

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[well type=””] YouTube SEO Tools to Analyse the competitors:

Now let’s check the YouTube SEO Optimization Techniques.

Step 1: Creating the high-quality videos. make sure you speak the keyword in video twice or thrice, since auto caption can detect your speech. Keeping video length more than 5 mins is recommended. Don’t create low quality, it will make user and google to rank low.

Step 2: Before uploading your videos, we must make a keyword research to get the suitable keyword for our video.

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You can also make use of long tail keyword research which will be helpful to get ranked fast. After getting the keyword rename your video with the keyword and upload it.

Note: Don’t try to make user fool by misleading him by writing the different title with the different video. Keep in mind that you can mislead the user to a small extent only. Further on publishing a new video, they will not arrive at your channel.

Step 3: Give the suitable thumbnail to your video so that user can understand what is present in the video.

Step 4: Next will be adding the title to video. Make sure you spent more time to create a good title to your video. Since it is the first impression, which makes the user click and view your video. There should be a keyword in title, keep it as earlier as possible in the title.

Step 5: Now comes the description part, write the description with up to 100-150 words. Add the social links, website/blog link and any referral links etc. to the description. Adding this make video SEO friendly and increases in ranking faster. It also makes it searchable on other search engines too.

Step 6: Add keyword in the annotation part of your video.

Step 7: Add the meta tags, this is also important in finding your videos. Have some research and add the keyword as first and add the related meta tags to your video.

Step 8: Now share this videos on all the social sites such as facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. to get more views and subscribers. Also embedded it onto your website/ blog. Embedding SEO optimized video can rank your blog /Website too. Also, ask the user to share and like your videos. This too can help in ranking your videos.

Step 9: Engage with users comments, this will make one-time visitor into a full-time subscriber.

By considering all the YouTube SEO points, you guarantee that your video gets on the first page of YouTube and other search engines.

Let us know your view by your comments and if found useful share it. Also gets other tips via the social site. So like us on social sites. If any more suggestion or improvement, comment us.

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