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Save Thousands of Rupees on Shopping Online by Makkhichoose Plugin

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Use Of Makkhichoose Extension

Now a day shopping online has increased tremendously. There are lots of sites providing the products online. But the main thing is to get the product at a reasonable price. Every site has their own price list for their products. Customers get confused while buying the required products. Beginner customer, shop online buys the product though he doesn’t know that the similar product is available at low price. Some of the users are the expert of online shopping, they crawl all the sites to get the product at low price. They even try comparison sites too. But this may take a lot of time for purchasing a single product.

So now here comes the pro user, who uses some of the plugins to get the price list of all the famous online eCommerce sites.

Here is the plugin named MakkhiChoose, as the name suggests it is the one which cares for our money.  It respects our money and list out the price list of same product on different eCommerce sites.

Come on, let’s see how to go through it.


  1. Go to Google and search for MakkhiChoose plugin.(For Chrome users: click here  For Firefox users: click here)
  2. Click to add to chrome/Firefox blue button to install it on your browser. Now click add plugin.
  3. And now the setup is finished. You will see the fly icon on URL of browser.
  4. Now you can start shopping on your favorite shopping site.


Suppose you want to buy Samsung mobile. You go to flipkart.com search for Samsung mobile and select the one you want. Now if the selected Samsung mobile is available on other eCommerce sites then there is the rupee symbol at the left corner of your screen, its color gets changed from gray to yellow. So what’s next, click the yellow rupee button to get the list of prices of the same product on other eCommerce sites.

Note: On clicking the price you are redirected to the official site of selected eCommerce site.

For a Detailed view see the below video.

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