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Retrieve hidden password from Browser by two ways

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reveled-password1Retrieve hidden Password of any website.

Now a day, we have lots of accounts on the internet and lots of hidden passwords to retrieve. But we keep on adding a different password to different websites. But some of the accounts we don’t use frequently, which leads to forgetting the passwords. Then we have to click the forgot password and change the password to new one. Now, this may take a couple of minutes of a user and also make us remind the new password.

But most of the browser had made it simple to retrieve the password. They all pop-ups asking for saving the password for future use. This can save lots of time while logging next time.reset remember password

So many a time we save it in the browser, But sometimes we have to login from different browser or devices. At that time, there will be a headache of getting the password. Then we use a trial and error method, keep on entering the list of passwords. But if you get it then you are lucky or else you have to change password

But there are two way to retrieve password from the browser

  • Long process
  1. Go to setting of the browser.
  2. Find the advance setting, and  click manage password.
  3. Then the window opens listing all the passwords with website URL.
  4. Search for the required URL and click the related password dots.
  5. On clicking, you will find a show and hide button. And hence, the password got retrieved.browser setting
  • Second is the short cut process used by pro user.
  1. Go to the respective login page
  2. Keep cursor on password block and right click and click inspect element and the window is opened.hidden password
  3. Search for type=”password” and change it to type=”text” and get your password retrieved.

Note: Save your password on browser only for authentic devices.

See the video for more detailed understanding.

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