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Golden method to Reduce Bounce Rate and increase User Engagement

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Reduce Bounce RateLearn about Bounce rate. How to reduce bounce rate. Keep engaging the user. Increase the page views. Make money with high bounce rate traffic.

What is bounce rate? And how to Reduce Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the way to analyze the activity of visitor on your blog. It is basically the percentage duration the visitor stays on your blog. Bounce rate can be found on Google Analytics.Bounce rate google analytics

High Bounce rate means less time the visitor spends on your blog. Hence reduces the ranking on search engines.

Low Bounce rate means More time the visitor spends on your blog. Hence increases the ranking on search engines.

We all know that any website is alive on the basis of its traffic. Each and every blogger or website owner is struggling to increase the traffic. And hence make passive income through it.

There two points to be considered to generate income is.

1). More Traffic (or Page views) == More income.

2). Less Traffic == Low money   But  Less traffic == sales == make money.

Any one of the above will help the blogger or website owner to make some passive income.

The average bounce rate for any normal website is 50% to 70%. If more bounce rate than we have to reconsider how to attract the traffic. High bounce rate also means poor SEO which implies your search engine ranking end up on the last pages of any search engine.

So there should be some trick or plugin which can help us to reduce the bounce rate and increase the ranking of the site.

Here comes the plugin which reduces all your problems about bounce rate. It is ZERO BOUNCE plugin.

So let’s see what happen Without Zero Bounce plugin.


Here visitors come from different sources to your site and leave your site immediately. This will not make any sense, you will not able to make a simple penny by them.

With Zero Bounce Plugin


In the above image, you can see Zero bounce in action. Here you can see, when the user arrives at your site and after clicking back button the user is redirected to the Amazon site (Amazon affiliate link).

Here you can redirect the user to different pages while clicking the back button.

1). Popular blog post of your site, hence reducing the bounce rate.

2). Affiliate Product page such as eCommerce sites (Amazon, Ali Express…etc). Hence making instant money from it.Zero bounce Amazon

Check out more about Zero Bounce Plugin

Check out Zero Bounce in Action in below video.

Also, I have added Zero Bounce Plugin in current Site so you can see it in action.

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