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Free Keyword Research Tools to rank on Search Engine

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Keyword Research toolsKeyword Research Tools

Get the list of all the free keyword research tools.See what is keyword research tool. Find the best tools available for free.

First of all, before getting started, we must know what is the keyword research tool and why we need to use it?

Keyword Research:

Keyword research tool is a tool which is used to get the high ranking word to place in the post or website to get rank fast and get searched on the first page of search engine. Selecting good keywords is the main part for ranking of your website. Keyword weights are different for the different country. If you want to target a specific location only then use the keywords most search in that location.

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Since there are many of the tools available paid and free. But some of the best keyword research tools are listed below

  • Google Keyword Planner: This is the best keyword research tool used worldwide by all the SEO. It’s simple to use, gives the info about keywords with its monthly search, competition, the cost of bidding by the advertiser on that keyword.
  • Bing Keyword ResearchIt is also free keyword research tool. It has all the functionality of google keyword planner. With bing keyword tool you are able to get a good rank on Bing search engine.
  • UberSuggest: This tool gives you the bunch of keywords with its sub-bunch. You can also get long tail keyword while searching for a keyword. Even if you use UberSuggest keyword tool alone you can get the high ranking keyword.

If you still want the keyword to rank on all the search engine the make the list of keyword related to your post with all these three tools and shortlist more related keyword and use it in your post.

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