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Google tag Manager : The hidden secret to improve SEO

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Learn about Google Tag Manager. How to start with Google Tag Manager. How it helps to speed up your site and boost the SEO. Helps to manage all the scripts required for the website.

Now let’s see from basics

What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)

GTM is the tool which is used to add the scripts to the website without disturbing the code. Basically, it was found in 2005 but many of them are not aware of this great tool.

Advantages of GTM

  • It has a great advantage for the non-programmer.
  • It helps to manage website separately by  website owner and marketer.
  • Without disturbing current theme, you can add marketing tools.
  • Easy to manage all the marketing tools.
  • Speed up the site speed.
  • Boost the SEO of the website.

GTM all rotates around the tags and the code snippet. We know that every plugin or extra service requires adding its javascript code onto the site. GTM manages all the javascript code in the form of tags. It contains some popular tags such as Google Analytics, AdWords, AdRoll, Crazy Egg, Floodlight and much more. You can also create your own custom tags.

How GTM speed up the site and boost SEO?

Since we know google uses high-end technology to transfer the data from server to user. Keeping all the script on GTM will definitely improve the transfer speed . Also, you can debug all the scripts before applying to the site which helps in finding any errors. Having your tags and code snippets organized will help improve user experience and help keep your site up and running efficiently. Hence boosting the site SEO and speed.

Now let’s see step by step how to use GTM

Step 1 : First of all Click here to Login and sign in. If not create the new account.

Step 2 : Now click on create account in GTM.gtm-create-account1

Accept all the terms and condition and go further.

Step 3 : Next the window appears with ADD a new account and enter any name. In this case, my blog name and click continue.

Step 4 : Now setup the container, adding the container name and where to use and click create. On accepting the license agreement ,a dialog box with the code snippet is displayed.

[well type=””] We can install GTM by two ways on your site.

  1. By adding the GTM code snippet directly to your web page  immediately after the body tag.
  2. By installing the plugin named Google Tag Manager for WordPress By DuracellTomi’s[/well]gtm-gtm-code1Step 5 : Now Start adding your first tag by clicking the new tag. We will add google analytics in our case as below. Add Custom name, choose the product (for custom product make use of custom HTML tag and insert the javascript code snippet). Select the fire on option depending on our condition and create the tag.gtm-adding-tags1[well type=””] Note : You can add multiple sites. One site contains one container and a container contains all the tags. [/well]Step 6 : Now use preview and debug mode to check whether the code snippet is working correctly or not . you can use the chrome extension to see the working of your tags. If everything goes correctly then click on publish.Tell us how you use google tag manager for your site in the comment section.
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