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Google keyword planner tool for finding competitive keywords

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Google keyword planner tool

Google keyword planner tool

See how we can find the competitive keywords with Google keyword planner tool. Steps to find Keywords to rank on search engines. Effectively using of keyword tool.

Google Keyword Planner Tool: Its basically for the advertiser but most of the SEO prefer it as keyword research tool. It is the best keyword research tool which is available for free. If you use this keyword research tool in a smart way then there is no need to buy any paid keyword research tool. Finding the good keyword for a blog is very important part of SEO. Since it is officially a google product it can give the best keyword for our blog/website.

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So let’s see the steps to find the keywords with Google keyword planner tool.

  • Sign into Google Adwords. No need to create a new account. If you already have Gmail account you can sign with it. 
  •  Go to tools and select the keyword planner. You can see as below page.


Here you will see three options

  • Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category
  • Get search volume data and trends
  • Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords

Let’s see one by one how they work.

  1. Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category: In this, we have to find single keyword for good ranking. Let’s see in detail how we can get the high weighted keyword.google-keyword-planner

In the first block type the keyword which we want to use on our site. If you want you can also add the landing page URL and the category. it’s not compulsory to add these two fields. Now for eg. if you add a keyword as “Keyword research” thenkeyword-research

Here you can see the monthly searches for a particular keyword in graphical format, its competition and the bidding of advertiser on that keyword. To have a good keyword make sure you follow below rules.

Rule 1: For newbie select the keyword with monthly searches nearly 1000-3000.

Rule 2: The competition for that keyword should be low.

Rule 3: Bidding is optional, but if you want to earn money with your site then select with medium bidding.

If you want more keyword, then there will be the list of keywords which can be used to your site to improve your site weightrelated-keywords

The work doesn’t end here. If you want to target your site to a particular area the there is the filter optiontarget-keyword

Here you have to select the locations which you are going to target. You can add multiple locations.

Be careful of negative keywords, which we don’t have to use on our site. These keywords can reduce the rank of our sitegoogle-planner

Here is a more custom search for selecting the keywords.

Data Range: In this you can change the range of the search. you can change it for last 14 months etc.

Keyword filter: It is used for custom search of all the field of the list of keywords with searches, competition, and bidding.

Keyword options: It can make more customizable search

Keywords to include: Here you can include words to add to a keyword. With this, you can have a more accurate custom search.

2. Get Search volume data and trends: In this, you can add multiple keywords at a time to save your time. We can also upload excel sheet with the list of keywords.multiple-keywords

It also contains same filters as above for customizable search

3. Multiply Keyword lists to get new keywords: In this, we are able to add parts of a keyword which get combined and the combined keyword result is found. You can also say it as a long tail keyword. Newbies should always go with the long tail keyword for better ranking.combine-keywords

More customization  can be done with filter same as explained above.

Thus, you can get the best keywords for your site by using Google keyword planner tool. It’s totally free to use. So do write your post with good keywords.

Feel free to comment your views.

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