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How to create YouTube Business Channel for productivity: 2016

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youTube business channel

YouTube Business channel for your Business

Learn to create the YouTube Business Channel. Detailed steps to create YouTube channel for business. Grow your business with the help of YouTube channel.

We all know that nowadays, for any business there is need of social connect with the customers to have more productivity. So today we are going to see, YouTube the most popular free video hosting service in the world. Each and every product can be clearly explained to the user in the form of videos about the product. Hence, we can create explanatory animated videos or simple product review video to attract the customer. Having online presence can have wide range of customers from different location

So to do it we have to create an attractive YouTube channel for your business and ask your customer to subscribe to it to get the updated information. Now let’s see how to create the YouTube channel for your business.

Steps to create Youtube Business Channel:

  1. To create YouTube channel you should have the account on Google. If not then sign up for it. And login to Youtube.
  2. After you had logged in go to your photo and click on settings. The popup will appear and click on the gear for modifying the settings.youtube-channel
  3. Now in account setting overview, Click on create a channel.business-accounting
  4. Add the suitable channel name so that the user can understand about your brand. And click create a channel.marketing-your-business
  5. Click on youtube logo on the top left side. And click on My channel option on the left sidebar. It opens your channel.channel-art
  6. First of all click on gear option (channel settings) as from above pic. And change customise the layout of your channel to active. And save the settings.youtube-channel-settings
  7. Now your channel will contain the list of tabs as below.youtube-channel-tabs
  8. Now let’s change the channel art and the brand photos by clicking the pen symbol.edit-youtube-channel
  9. Next, click on the Edit links to make the public relation by adding the direct connect links. We can add links to your site and also add the social media. Also, add an attractive description of your business brand, email id and select the targetted location. You can make social media marketing strategies by adding all your social links such as google plus, facebook, twitter etc.youtube-channel-for-business
  10. Now after adding all the links and photos, your youtube business channel set up is completed. Now it looks as youtue-channel
  11. Now last and the most important thing is SEO for your youtube business channel. It can be done by adding the tags related to your brand. It can be done by clicking the creator studio option and changing the  channel advanced option as youtube-channel-setting
  12. Now a brand can easily give access to their Youtube channel to run a campaign.Get more updates about creating youtube videos, tools to create, SEO before uploading new videos and making money with your youtube channel etc. So let’s be friends on social to share our knowledge.
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