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Call your cell phone when it is in silent mode

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Call your cell phoneCall your Cell Phone in silent mode

See how to call your cell phone with and without the internet  when it is in silent mode. Use pre-existing googles device manager. The software’s required to achieve it. Simple and easy steps.

Finding your cell phone when it is silent is the most difficult task. It mostly happens that we keep our mobile on silent mode and then forget where it was kept. Then what we do is we search for it in every room of the house and waste our time. Now no need to worry about and waste our time. This can be achieved by different ways.

Following are some ways to call your cell phone which is kept on silent mode or lost:

Note:Data Connection(Internet) Required.

  1. This feature is provided by google android itself to locate the missing phone. It provides two ways to do so i.e. without any app installation and with app installation.

Way 1:

  • On your desktop just go to Googles Device Manager through your browser.
  • Now login to the same Gmail account which you was used to activating your newly purchased android device.
  • After logging in, you can see the device name and last login date if you are not connected to the internet. But if you are connected to the internet you can trace its current location as well, but the condition is its GPS should be on (activated on your device).
  • You can see three options viz. ring, lock and erase.call your cell phone in silent mode
    • On clicking on “Ring” option, you can call your cell phone at high volume even if it is in silent mode, which helps you to locate your mobile easily.
    • You can also “lock” your android mobile with a password, in case if it is lost. In order to lock your cell phone, you need to provide a message and a number to make sure whosoever finds your phone gets the message and he may return back your cell phone.
    • We can also locate our mobile, but for that GPS services of your phone needs to be turned on. On clicking on “Locate Device,” you can get the exact location details of your cell phone.
    • If any critical data is stored on your cell phone then you can wipe off the entire data of your phone by clicking in “Erase” This will do the Factory Reset of the phone automatically when your device is online. So all the personal data, apps, photos, music’s and settings will be deleted.

    Note: The Android Device Manager will not work after the reset is done. Since no account is associated with your cell phone.

    Way 2:

    • You can do the same thing as did in way 1 by installing Android Device App from the google play store on your phone.
    • On installing the app, open it and sign in to your google account.
    • If you have more than one device, click on the arrow and select the required device.
    • Then you can do the following activities:
    • Ring: This will call your cell phone to ring at high volume even if it is set on silent mode.
    • Lock: This will lock your phone with the password.
    • Erase: This will erase(factory reset) your phone.

    And that’s all, no worry about miss placing cell phone at your home or not to worry about critical data if the cell phone is lost. Google device Manager will take care of it.

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