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Best Blogging tips before writing blog post

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Blogging tipsBest Blogging tips

See blogging tips. Learn how to write a blog post. Things to consider while writing a blog post. Keyword research and placement of keywords etc.

Important Blogging tips while writing blog post

  1. Select the good topic with high searches.
  2. The topic selecting is the main part of increasing our daily visibility and attracting the audiences. Topic selection should be such that, it will be able to produce at least 3-5 posts with a different subheading. It is important because it keeps your audience more time on your blog and hence the bounce rate can be reduced. This can be achieved by interlinking your posts. It also helps in increasing the page view by the audiences.
  3. After topic selection, categorise it into subheadings. Each subheading can be a new post. Now select one subheading and start searching for the particular heading on Google and read the related topics of 5 to 6 top search results from links to get an idea about the subheadings.
  4. List out the important point from the Google search results from links. Remember that all the important point should be covered in your post.
  5. Now here comes the keyword research. This is the main part of coming first in Google search. Selecting the good keyword with good monthly search, less competition etc. can be helpful for ranking fast on Google.
    Read: Different Keyword Research Tools.
  6. Then comes the on page SEO. In this, appropriate placement of keyword is important. There is a list of keyword placement as listed below.
  • The keyword should be placed in the title of the post. It should be kept as earliest as possible.
  • Permalinks should also contain the keyword.
  • There should be H1 to H6 tag containing the keyword. It’s not compulsory to use all of the heading tags. You can use at least once h1 tag with a keyword in it.
  • The keyword should be present in the first paragraph.
  • At least one image should contain alt tag as a keyword.
  • In the whole post, the keyword should present for at least 6-8 times

Note: You can easily get rid of above things with Yoast plugin for WordPress user.

  1. Give the external links for reference if you are using. Because it increases the page weight.
  2. At last, the content should be unique. It should not be the replica of any other blog post.

So we should keep in mind all these things as a blogging tips and use these blogging tips while writing new posts.

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