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Auto Destroying secret messages with Google

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secret-messageAuto-Destroying Secret Messages

Would you like to send a confidential note to a friend that self-destructs (destroying secret messages) after it has been read so that no one else (including your friend) can ever see that secret note again? Maybe it has a password that shouldn’t be stored anywhere. Or you are worried that the private note can get leaked online.

It’s Same as shown in movie Mission Impossible, where the message gets destroyed within a specific time.

It takes hardly a minute to create the secret message. This can be done with the help of Google drive and Google sheet. So let’s go and do it.


  • You need to go to Google drive and click New button, select Google sheet.


  • Now on a sheet, there are options available. Click on tools and there you have to select script editor.

Secret Messages

  • Now two tabs are available one with Google sheet and other with the script editor.
  • Place the below destroying message code in the script editor and save it with some name.
function onOpen() {
var time = 10; // Wait Time (in seconds)
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();  
ss.toast("This message will disappear after " + time + " seconds");
ss.toast("We are now sending this private note to the shredder");
.getRange(1, 1, ss.getLastRow(), ss.getLastColumn()).clear();  

Auto Destroying Messages

  • Now go to a sheet and enter the message, save it and click share to the person you want to send a message.

Auto Destroying Messages

  • And you are done. On receiving email, the secret email will get destroyed within 10 seconds.

Note: You can change the time limit from 10 sec to more. (Change var time= 10; to your preferred time in sec.)

Please comment and share your view about Self-destroying secret message below.

For detailed understanding check out below the video.

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